Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My mission statement

I am currently reading Tara Gentile's ebook "52 weeks of blogging your passion" and one of the first things she has us do is create a mission statement for our blogs.  I really hadn't thought about what my mission for the blog was.  I just blogged occasionally because everything I read about starting a successful creative business urges you to have a blog.  So I had a blog.  But every time I went to write a post, I kept thinking "who the hell cares?" and it would stop me from continuing and there would be large gaps of time between each post.  Unless I had something special to write about I backed off blogging.  But creating this mission statement has really made me see what I want my blog to be about and what I want reader's to get from it.  Here it is:
"PainterPaige is the place to go to learn how a self-taught abstract artist can build an art business that is growing and thriving.  You can learn along with Paige as she struggles to make sense out of the confusing and often difficult world of owning a successful creative business."
I think that's it.  The only thing I have to offer is myself.  My life, my business and my processes.
My successes and my failures.

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Paige Schiller Hirsch said...

One thing I forgot to say is that I am doing this while working a full-time job. Its not easy.