Friday, June 6, 2014

Next Up- Sewing

As some of you already know, I have been taking sewing lessons for the past few weeks.
I've had some of my painting designs printed on fabric and want to start selling items using this fabric.

One problem, I didn't know how to sew well.  So I started taking lessons from Kesa @FreehandsCraftStudio in Silver Spring and things are going really well.
I thought pillows would be a great way to incorporate my fabric but I think they are going to be too time consuming and too bulky to pack and display at shows.  We did sew one pillow and it came out great, so maybe in the future I will venture this way again.
 But for now, I am focusing on scarves and little bags.  Last night we finished my scarf prototype.  Its a patchwork design infinity scarf.  I love how it came out but it might be just a tad too bulky so I might cut down the size of the squares slightly to see if I can get it just right.

 And next time I will actually use my fabric.   Just too scared to ruin it on my first try.
Next week we tackle small bags with a zipper!
I will share pics when I have them.
Wish me luck  If you are interested in sewing lessons I can't recommend Kesa enough.  You can find her here:

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