Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How it all started for me

About 10 years ago I took a floorcloth painting class at G Street Fabrics and fell in love.  After the class I started painting floorcloths for friends and for presents, always getting great feedback,  but never feeling like they were good enough to actually sell.
That was until my sister-in-law Susie who was earning her certificate in life coaching as part of her MBA program worked with me on setting up a timeline for getting them out into the public.  The first thing I did was meet with the owner of a local gift shop that only sold hand-made items from local artists.  I remember being so nervous for her input but she loved them and encouraged me to start selling them at local art/craft shows.  The first show I did I actually ended up selling 4 of them and my little business, Paigespaintedfloorcloths took off.  I started doing all of the local shows I could get accepted into and built my current website and the business did pretty well for about 3 years.  I even made enough money to take the entire family to Costa Rica on vacation.  But when the economy tanked, sales became much more difficult until I finally stopped doing shows and only did custom orders off of my website.  If you are interested to see my floorcloths, feel free to visit my website, paigespaintedfloorcloths.com.

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