Sunday, October 14, 2012

My rock

My husband is my biggest supporter.  He's my biggest encourager.  He's my biggest listener.  He's pretty much my biggest everything.  I don't know what I would do without him and luckily for the past 30+ years I have been lucky enough not to have to.

He helps load up the car each Saturday morning and unload it every Saturday evening.  He helps set up my booth and then tear it down.  And he sits there and keeps me company almost all day and never complains.  He is there when I need a break, when I want to chat with friends or visit other vendors.  He gets me stuff to eat.  He picks up my paintings when the wind hits and comes up with clever ideas on how to keep them from falling.  He helps other vendors with whatever they might need.  He's probably one of the nicest, most helpful, most wonderful people I know.  If not the most.  He's my rock.


Corrine at said...

Oh love your work. Supportive husbands are the best. Thanks so much for your card from the 2012 inspirational card deck swap. I am so loving this swap. xox

Terrie Purkey said...

Like Corrine, I love your colorful paintings too - so free and full of life! I hope you have much success. I was lucky enough to get one of your cards in the swap too and just love it - I'll be sure to participate next year too!

Creatively yours Fi said...

Hi Paige, how wonderfully blessed are you to have such a lovely husband. I'm still looking for mine ....... I love your paintings..gorgeous:) I received your card in my inspiration pack: "The best way to predict the future is to create it" I LOVE it..thanks xX