Friday, August 17, 2012

My son the personal trainer

Aryeh passed his NASM (National Assn. of Sports Medicine) personal training certification yesterday and I am so happy for him.  He has honestly been studying all summer.  The amount and complexity of the material was enormous.  Who knew that personal trainers had to know so much?  And they have to renew their certification every two years.  Serious stuff.  This will be the perfect part time job right now while he finishes his last year at UMD and it will be an excellent back up plan if he doesn't find the right job after graduation.  Plus I think he will be awesome at it.  He has the perfect personality for it. Very friendly, easy-going but willing to push your hard - I should know - I have been working out with him for about a year and have really improved my weight and have accomplished quite a few PR's with his guidance and support. 

Some of you might not know this but Aryeh used to quite chubby (actually more than chubby) in middle school.  It was a huge concern for us but we let him decide for himself when he was ready to lose it and luckily he did.  He decided in 8th grade that he was tired of being heavy and we started working out together and he started watching what he ate and as he grew the weight slowly started to come off.  By the time he got into high school he had it pretty much under control but was still a little large but that was good for football so it didn't bother him that much.  To look at him now you would never know.  

He never ceases to make us proud.  He is such a strong person inside and out and it is going to take him a long way.  He even has "strength" in hebrew tattooed on his arm.  I am so excited to see where life takes him.  He deserves only the best.

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