Monday, May 11, 2015

Selling paintings is so much more than about the money

This week an old friend from PA contacted me about purchasing a fairly recent painting I had for sale and had been publicizing  a lot.  She said it made her happy every time she saw any photo that I posted.  She said she really wanted it but was having some marital problems and dealing with a lot, not all good.  She said she really wanted to hang it in her own place one day but if it sold she would contact me to paint another painting just for her.   So I put it up for sale at a show I had on Sunday and it was getting a lot of attention.  I thought for sure it would sell that day but around lunch my friend got back in touch with me and told me to mark it SOLD!  She wanted it even if she had to make payments on it.  She said that my painting had become her inspiration to move forward and to find peace and happiness.  I am so touched.  And moved.  And most importantly, I do hope that it will give her the happiness and the strength she needs to move on with her life.

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