Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still painting away

I have been busy painting since my last post.  Still trying to push myself to try different styles.  I want to have a good variety when I do my first Fenton Street Market show at the end of the month.  I have also been busy figuring out how to set up my booth.  I need to paint a sign and figure out how to mount the paintings.  I will probably work on that more this weekend.

I haven't sold any paintings on Etsy yet, but have been getting great feedback.  I've had about 30 people choose one of my paintings as their "favorite" so that is encouraging.  I also inquired about possibly doing Crafty Bastards next year and sent an email for more information.  The contact there went onto my Etsy site, said she loved my paintings and to make sure I definitely apply next year.  That feels good.  Crafty Bastards is a really fun show.  All kinds of wacky creations along with traditional art.  Should be fun.

Some new paintings above.  Enjoy!

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