Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My To Do List is Endless

There is so much more to starting a small business than I thought.  I have just taken photos of my paintings but aren't too happy with them.  Noah is in the process of designing my logo.  I just reserved my domain name "PainterPaige.com".  I will one day create a real website using my domain.  Along with posting all of my paintings to my Etsy shop, I have to write detailed descriptions of each making sure to use words that will come up in a typical search for abstract art.  Plus I have to make revisions to this blog - using Blogspot is not as easy as I first thought.  My badges are not posting as desired.  But thought I would share a few pics of my recent work.  As I said, the photos are not the best but I think it is better to post them to wait until they are perfect.
Also, I do have a full time job that just takes up way too much of my time!

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Chris DeJoy said...

These are beautiful, Paige!Your sense of and distribution of color are fantastic. -- Chris